Why Gutter Cleaning Is Necessary

Gutter cleaning is a job that’s best done by professionals. Ladders can be hazardous and working at heights should only be undertaken by those with the right heights training, experience and rescue plans.

Blocked gutters can lead to costly property damage. They can also strain HVAC systems and create unsafe living conditions.

Debris Build-Up

When leaves, twigs, seedlings, silt, bird and rodent droppings, and moss build up in your guttering it stops them from flowing smoothly. This can cause water damage both externally and internally. It can also prevent rainwater being collected for drinking or gardening.

The best method for cleaning your gutters is by hand, although you will need PPE such as safety goggles and gloves. A hard bristled brush and a gutter scoop are ideal to get rid of the bulk of the debris.

Once the main debris is cleared you can use a pressure washer to clean away any remaining organic material. Be sure to always use a fan tip nozzle and lower the pressure on your washer as this will help to prevent any unnecessary damage. Remember to take care when working at heights, especially with a ladder! Ensure you have someone to foot the ladder and support it where necessary. Also make sure you set up a tarpaulin or other debris catcher near the ladder.

Leaky Gutters

Clogged gutters cause water to flow in places it shouldn’t. It can drip down the sides of your house, leak into walls and pool around the foundations causing cracks and eroding paintwork.

Leaky gutters are a sign of loose or separated fasteners, damaged seals or a poorly pitched gutter system. A professional gutter cleaning Auckland company will check for these signs and repair them if necessary.

A dirty and clogged gutter can become a breeding ground for pests, from rodents to cockroaches, and may release spores into the air which can affect the health of your family. Regular gutter cleaning and washing can prevent this by keeping the area clean and removing decaying plant matter that can attract these pests.

Gutter cleaning is a job that generally needs to be carried out at height and requires ladder use and roof access. These are significant safety issues, putting people at risk of serious injury or death if they don’t follow the right precautions.


Gutter blockages allow pests such as flies, ants, rodents and mosquitoes to find shelter. They can also carry and spread bacteria and fungus. When these organisms get into the home they can cause a variety of health issues for the family such as itchy eyes and rashes, coughing, sneezing and respiratory problems.

Regular gutter cleaning prevents clogging, and ensures that water flows away from the home. This also protects landscaping and soil. It also helps to prevent moisture damage to the roof and walls.

The best gutter cleaners Auckland provide a thorough cleaning service that includes removing debris from the gutters, a flush of the system and downpipes, and treatment for moss and lichen to prevent their further growth. They also offer a variety of gutter guards and can assist with roof repairs. Their services are affordable and they will travel outside their usual area if needed. They use commercial-grade biodegradable products, so they are safe for pets and plants.

Foundation Damage

Having your gutters cleaned is not only a great way to keep your home clean, it’s also a preventative measure against foundation damage. Clogged gutters cause water to overflow and flood the soil around your building – if it’s not caught quickly, this can lead to a damp basement or damage to internal walls and paintwork.

The ground around your property should be sloped slightly away from your foundation, directing water into the gutters and away from the house. This helps to prevent water from accumulating and damaging your foundations, while reducing the risk of erosion. If you notice that the soil around your property has become sunken or is sinking inwards, this could be an indicator that you have foundation issues and should seek professional advice.

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