What the Christchurch Earthquake Means for Civil Contractors


CCNZ, the civil contractors’ association in New Zealand, welcomes increased investment in trades training and infrastructure for rural broadband and rail. However, it cautions that more is required to address the challenges facing the industry. New Zealand’s 30-year Infrastructure Strategy and targeted investment are welcome developments for the civil contracting industry. It will also help to ensure New Zealanders have access to the best possible contractors and suppliers. But before we move forward, we must first consider what the Christchurch earthquakes have meant for civil contractors in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Nor West Contracting

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, Nor West Contracting Ltd is a diverse contacting firm with a reputation for high-quality construction. From road construction to hard landscaping, civil works to drainage, they cover all areas of New Zealand. Their skilled employees and registered tradesmen bring decades of experience to each project. Nor West Contracting’s civil division includes a team of experienced project managers. From designing to building, the company’s civil division includes a team of key tradesmen.
CB Civil & Drainage Limited

Located in Christchurch, CANTERBURY, New Zealand, CB Civil & Drainage Limited is a construction company. Listed on Businesscheck, they are in the E310950 category – Utility pipeline construction and maintenance. They also provide special trade repair services. Benjamin Lawlor is the director of Cb Civil & Drainage Limited. As of 23 May 2022, the company has no reviews.

The company’s culture is one of self-performance. It offers a full range of training for all staff and is actively involved in a cadet programme. At present, 30% of employees have undergone formalised training and the company is putting ten engineering cadets through formal training. The cadets’ training is practical, as they work alongside experienced workers and are supervised at all times.

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