Sex Dolls Australia Detected During COVID Lockdown

Australian customs officials have recently been detecting more child-like sex dolls in air cargo shipments. In Australia, these dolls are considered child abuse materials and possession can result in serious penalties.

In a bizarre move, one online sex doll seller in Melbourne has completely sold out of their life sized doll because canny drivers are buying them to get around traffic laws. The doll, called Donna, is being used as a fake passenger to qualify for the faster highway transit lanes.

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll is an adult sex toy used for masturbation and to increase sexual drive. It can be to scale or a partial representation of the body and may contain vibrating parts.

Adult dolls have been around since ancient times and are portrayed in fiction and nonfiction media. They can range from sex dolls and robots shaped like sexual cliches to life-like escorts. When Ryan Gosling romanced Bianca the half Danish, half Brazilian adult sex doll in the movie Lars and the Real Girl, she shocked not only her fictional family but also mainstream cinema audiences.

Sex dolls are marketed to customers who seek the illusion of perfect supernatural beauty or a close resemblance to their own bodies and fetishes. A recent manufacturer created a female-gendered sex doll named Roxxxy and a male-gendered one called Rocky, which stirred up a media frenzy, but they were never sold. Researchers who successfully recruited doll owners from an online doll owner forum found that they used their sex dolls to create embodied intimate fictions and that these experiences were pleasurable.

Sex Dolls in Melbourne

The sex doll industry’s customers, particularly during the COVID lockdown, are mostly men between 30-65 looking for female dolls. Andrew’s clients often share their intimate stories about why they are buying sex dolls with him.

He also says that a lot of his customers use their dolls for pleasure or as travel companions. One of his dolls, Donna, sold out recently because she was pictured sitting behind the wheel of a car.

But this strange trend has raised concern amongst some, including anti-child exploitation activists and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS). Childlike sex dolls are considered child abuse materials in Australia, and their possession is illegal. A recent ACBPS raid found a man attempting to bring in one of these dolls and has since been charged. A report by researchers from the Australian Institute of Criminology states that these dolls promote patterns of escalation that result in contact offending. This is because they bridge the gap between fantasies and behaviours, just like viewing child pornography does.

Sex Dolls in the Passenger Seat

There is a lot of buzz about lifelike sex dolls, with some scholars warning that they will teach men to treat real women like sex objects. Others fear that these dolls could be used by paedophiles to prey on children.

Despite the negative preconceived notions about people who own sex dolls, researchers have found that the majority of sex doll owners are actually lonely men who want to pursue their passion. These men tend to be “unlucky at love” or have recently suffered the loss of a partner.

Interestingly, some drivers have even been using a lifelike sex doll as a passenger to get around traffic rules. One firm has completely sold out of their model because canny Melbourne motorists have been bringing her along on freeways so they can qualify for the faster transit lanes that require two occupants in the vehicle. This practice is illegal, however. Drivers face fines if they are caught by authorities.

Sex Dolls in Australia

There is a lot of stigma around men who purchase life-sized sex dolls. Feminists and legal scholars have been incensed, claiming that the dolls teach men to treat real women as nothing more than sex objects.

Child sex dolls have also been a cause for concern, with studies suggesting that the dolls can be used as an escalation tool from viewing online child pornography to contact sexual offending. The Australian Institute of Criminology has warned that the dolls may be able to bridge the gap between fantasies and behaviour.

It is not surprising, then, that the dolls are often viewed with suspicion. In a nation that is still struggling to come to terms with an epidemic of child sexual abuse, the news that the dolls exist at all is disturbing. But sex doll advocates argue that the dolls have many benefits, especially for lonely men. And if they help to stop men from preying on children, that is surely a good thing?

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