Nanuk Cases

NANUK Cases protect sensitive instruments and equipment from the elements and other hazards. They’re specially designed for rugged environments and can be customized to fit your specifications. To do this, simply design your own foam design and choose the “Foam Only” option when checking out. Alternatively, you can opt for a ready-made foam case.
NANUK Hard Cases

NANUK hard cases are made for photographers and are built to protect a variety of photographic equipment. These cases are highly durable and feature shock resistant handles. They are also very lightweight and easy to carry. The handles also help to protect the camera and provide a secure grip. They are also equipped with an integrated bezel system and a solid inner lip, making it easier to install a panel or remove a lens.

NANUK cases are made in Canada using high quality materials and rigorous testing. They also come with a lifetime warranty on parts and labour. These cases are made of marine grade 304 stainless steel and are stackable with other cases of the same size. This makes the cases a great option for travelers. And because they are so durable, you don’t have to worry about losing your valuables if you drop them.

NANUK hard cases are TSA-approved and airport-friendly. This is a great feature for travelers, who don’t want to drag their heavy gear through the airport. The TSA-approved wheels in the NANUK hard case save the day for travelers, as they allow the gear to be carried on the plane without hassle.
NANUK Wheeled Cases

Nanuk Wheeled Cases have a multitude of features to keep your gear organized. The 935 case includes a black lid organizer with three zippered compartments for a variety of accessories. The case also comes with a padded handle for easy transport. Nanuk Wheeled Cases are a great way to protect your expensive camera gear from damage while on the go.

The 968 Waterproof Wheeled Hard Case is a durable, waterproof case with 275 cubic inches of storage capacity. This hard case is built for protection and organization, with its sturdy NK-7 resin shell and six PowerClaw latches for a secure closure. It features retractable handles and wheels to easily move your gear from one place to another.

NANUK Wheeled Cases are made with marine grade 304 stainless steel hardware. Each case is designed with a TSA-approved combination padlock for added security. NANUK Wheeled Cases are compatible with a number of NANUK accessories, including cubed foam, padded dividers, and TSA padlocks. The cases come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are built to provide rugged protection for any use. Each case is made with impact-resistant NK-7 resin, a soft-grip foldable handle, a patented PowerClaw latching system, and stainless steel hardware.
NANUK Camera Stabilizer Hard Cases

If you want to get a smooth glassy shot, camera stabilizers are essential equipment. They use delicate electronic connections and brushless motors to stabilize a camera. A camera stabilizing rig should be transported and protected in a hard case. A NANUK Camera Stabilizer Hard Case organizes and protects your camera rig, including your stabilizer. The cases have custom foam inserts to protect and hold your stabilizer rig.

NANUK Camera Stabilizer Hard Cases are available for many different camera models. The cases are available in a range of colours and features, including lock-latch mechanisms. They have padded dividers, lid organizers, and foam inserts to protect your camera gear. The NANUK 925 is ideal for smaller camera setups, while the NANUK 960 is designed for larger multi-camera systems.

A camera stabilizing hard case should be waterproof. NANUK’s 930 waterproof case provides maximum protection for your DJI gimbal. It has two latches on each side and a handle that locks to keep it in place. It also has a pressure equalizer which helps equalize pressure in the case.
NANUK Pistol Hard Cases

NANUK Pistol Hard Cases protect your handgun from the elements and are made to last. Their gun cases are waterproof, dustproof, and MIL-SPEC certified. They feature reinforced metal padlock holes for added security. A wide range of gun cases are available to suit your specific needs.

The waterproof NANUK 925 4 Up Pistol Hard Case is made with a TSA-approved latch kit, ensuring extra security during travel. The case also accommodates 1911-style handguns that have trigger locks. They can be stored side-by-side in the case. If you need to store a large number of magazines, you can place them in the case’s two magazine compartments. The reinforced eyelets also allow for lock storage.

NANUK Pistol Hard Cases have been designed for first responders and military personnel, as well as industrial professionals and divers. They are water-tight, with rounded corners and sturdy walls to prevent the case from opening during transport or after a drop.

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